Jodi Salisbury CREATIVE

Freelance Graphic Design & Creative Direction


Jodi Salisbury portraitMy goal is to provide the highest possible quality creative services.  I will do this at the most competitive prices possible, consistent with my quality and profit standards.

I will run my business in a manner that allows me to make a fair profit. I believe that doing so strengthens my company and allows me to provide the additional resources that create added value for my clients.

I will strive to cultivate relationship with clients who need and can appreciate the additional impact that work of my quality creates for their organizations, products, and services.

I recognize that each of my clients can obtain similar services from other suppliers. I will constantly strive not merely to meet, but to exceed, the expectations of each of my clients.

I will measure the effectiveness of the services I provide not only by my own standards, but also by how well they meet the specific objectives of my clients.

I believe in ethical business practices.  I will treat each of my vendors, clients, and contractors in a respectful and fair manner.

I pledge to conduct myself in a professional manner and to constantly strive for self-improvement.

I commit to using business techniques and technologies that will allow me to provide ideal services for my clients.

I commit to innovation, to learning new ideas, styles, and approaches in order to maintain my competitive edge.


As an independent contractor, here is what I can do for you:

  • handle a one-off design
  • build a long-term business relationship if you have a series of upcoming projects
  • accommodate your deadlines with flexible hours
  • provide direct contact and swift responsiveness
  • be your go-to person for graphic design questions / issues

Please, don't hesitate to get started. The sooner you contact me, the sooner I can provide you with a no-obligation quote. I look forward to your inquiry!

Jodi Salisbury
Award-Winning Independent Graphic Designer

PS - I am a Christian business owner, which means that, if you hire me, you'll likely hear me say words like "blessing" or "Merry Christmas" or "praise God."  I may even say to you that I'm praying for your success!  If this is peculiar to you, then my advice is this: Count it all joy, my friend.  ;)

Why I Choose to Work Independently

My decision to work independently has nothing more to do than the fact that I have always wanted to be able to work from home so I could raise my children. Apart from that, I have always enjoyed working for companies and in a public setting because of my love for people and on-site collaboration.

Because of the nature of my independent work setting, I am able to set my schedule as flexibly as family life allows and from almost any location where I can bring my laptop for simpler jobs. Normally I work on a high-powered desktop workstation.

Additionally because of my independence, I have had the pleasure of working predominantly with family-oriented business owners who share with me an understanding about the reality of our scheduling and flexibility.

Who I am Apart from Design

Even when I am not sitting at my workstation, I enjoy other creative endeavors such as musical composition and delivery. After 10 years of building my experience as a professional musician while opening for acts such as "Foreigner" and Jive Record's "Niki Cleary" I have been called to lead my church's worship sessions. It has been a humbling experience and have demanded an extraordinary search for wisdom as I continue to persue excellence in serving God's people.

My first musical passion is "vocal delivery." It must be passionate and appropriately composed to drive home a lyrical message to the heart of another person. The success of sharing the love of Christ through this means gives me the joy of fulfilling my God-given purpose. I have been given a vision of standing amidst the people of God at the feet of His unapproachable light... while leading the people in worshipful song.



Design Awards/Recognition

2007 Addy Awards - Gold Addy (Elements of Design - Logo)

2007 Addy Awards - Gold Addy (Sales Promotion - Packaging)

2007 Addy Awards - Silver Addy (Sales Promotion - Product or Service Sales Presentation)

2007 Addy Awards - Silver Addy (Sales Promotion - Product or Service Sales Presentation)

Software and Technical

Adobe Creative Suite
Dell Workstation 670M

Educational Qualifications

• Bachelor of Applied Science: Web Design - Westwood College, Denver, CO 2006. 4.0 GPA - Inducted into Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society

• Associate of Applied Science: Graphic Design & Multimedia - Westwood College, Denver, CO 2004. 4.0 GPA

• Bachelor of Arts - SUNY Oneonta 1998. Award for "Outstanding Research"

• Associate of Liberal Arts - Adirondack Community College 1996. Awarded "Most Artistic" in graduating class.

Related Experience

• Self-Employed Graphic Designer, 1/2005 to present

• Brennan's Printing, Queensbury, NY, 2002-2005